Tips to Avoid A Broken Air Conditioner

Tips to Avoid A Broken Air Conditioner

The triple digit temperatures we've been seeing has air conditioning technicians hard at work. It's the busiest time of year for air conditioning companies here in west Texas. A broken air conditioner can cost up to $2,500. A $15 air filter can make all the difference.

"We're super busy. We're probably doing about 10 to 18 calls a day. It's the peak summer time so it's gets pretty bad," said Adrian Brito with Bosworth Company.

The best way to avoid a big bill and a broken air conditioner is to have technicians take a look at your A/C unit before the summer heat hits.

"It's a little into the summer now. It's recommended before the summer starts. Try to catch anything that's wrong with the unit and make it work better during these times," said Brito.

That will only cost you $50 to $80.

"Get your yearly maintenance done before the summer heat hits. You know we might catch something and slip in then and take care of the issue before it becomes a bigger problem," said Brito.

Air conditioning companies are busy this time of year but technicians can get your family cooled off quicker than you think.

"Well we have a large customer base so we try and get out there as quick as possible. We understand their hot and some customers have kids and the elderly. So we try and get out there as quick as possible and take care of everything. If it's a part that we have, we're talking maybe and hour. If it's a part we have to order, we're talking a couple days," said Brito.

They say changing your A/C filters before the summer months can help you avoid a costly, and hot problem.

"It's something you have to keep in mind and just plan ahead for," said Brito.