Hobbs City Officials Address What Citizens Are Calling Animal Cruelty

Hobbs City Officials Address What Citizens Are Calling Animal Cruelty

Hobbs City Officials spoke out Friday about what citizens are believing to be animal cruelty. An anonymous source tells NewsWest 9, a dog has been locked in a metal building for over a month, which has angered some residents of the community. However, Raymond Bonilla with the City of Hobbs says this is not bending any of the ordinances that the city has in place.

"Where the dog is at right now, some people consider it a kennel," Bonilla said. "The ordinance says as long as it's a kennel of a sufficient size of width, height and the dog can move freely back and forth with proper ventilation, it's okay."

These guidelines don't put residents minds at ease. They say the ordinances are in desperate need of an upgrade.

"They haven't really gotten up-to-date because there is more neglect, more abuse, more cruelty and they say they're going off of what laws there are, but I really don't think they're following them fully," said Ashley Smelcer, a resident of Hobbs.

"The ordinances could be tweaked a little and there could be some changes and some new ones added. But I think if they were just enforced, there wouldn't be any issues," said Frannie Yarbrough, another Hobbs resident.

But Bonilla says these ordinances have recently been tended to.

"The animal ordinance was revamped six years ago, so it's a fairly new ordinance, Bonilla said. "We actually updated because it was mundane ordinance."

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, visit the vet and be sure you take your dog for regular check-ups. Don't leave your dog in your vehicle and do not let your dog linger on hot asphalt.

"The ordinance is a good ordinance," Bonilla said. "Code enforcement officers stick to protocol, the ordinance and professionalism so what people see is a different perception."