Video Shows Burglars Stealing Thousands of Pills, Fleeing Pharmacy

Video Shows Burglars Stealing Thousands of Pills, Fleeing Pharmacy

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Newly released surveillance footage offers a closer look at a Monday morning pharmacy heist involving two hooded suspects.

According to officials, the burglars broke a window at Leonard's Pharmacy on Scurry Street, entered the business around 4:20 a.m. and left with about 14,000 prescription pills before police arrived.

The pharmacy, owned by Big Spring Mayor Larry McLellan, reported that hydrocodone, oxycodone and amphetamines were among the stolen medications.

The unidentified suspects remained at large Thursday night, officials confirmed.

Surveillance footage shows them filling two tubs with handfuls of medications before climbing through the pharmacy's drop-off window.

"They appeared to be male," said Big Spring Police Sgt. Tony Everett. "They were both wearing heavy coats with hoods. [We] couldn't see their faces [in the surveillance video]."

Height, weight and race were also unclear, he said.

Calls to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) representatives were not immediately returned. It's unclear if DEA officials are assisting in the ongoing investigation.

The total value of the stolen pills has not been calculated yet, according to police. Leonard's Pharmacy has previously been broken into, Everett said, but a theft of this magnitude is "something new."

"You have prescription drug abusers and there are people who sell prescription drugs on the street, but [this is the] first time something like this has happened," he told NewsWest 9. "I wouldn't say [Big Spring has] more of a prescription drug problem than any other city."

Anybody with information about the incident is urged to contact Big Spring Crime Stoppers at (432) 263-TIPS.