Suspect Remains At Large Following Reeves County Farm Stabbing

Suspect Remains At Large Following Reeves County Farm Stabbing

REEVES COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A Pecos farmhand spent three days in intensive care following a stabbing sparked by a property dispute.

Raul Dominguez, a Giesbrecht Farm employee, said he was working on his bosses' property Saturday afternoon when a neighbor, Lorenzo Carrasco, accused him of trespassing. The verbal exchange allegedly escalated to violence within minutes.

"That man lost his mind," Dominguez told NewsWest 9. "He went a little crazy. He punched me [in the lower abdomen], but he had a knife in his hand. I never saw the knife coming. It had to be at least [four to six inches long]."

He said he was immediately driven to a local hospital by his employers, two brothers who had previously argued with Carrasco over property lines, and was later airlifted to Medical Center Hospital in Odessa. His stomach was slashed open in the attack and drained fluid into his abdominal cavity, requiring extensive surgery.

Carrasco remained at large Tuesday night, officials confirmed. Reeves County Sheriff Art Granado said more paperwork had to be filed with the district attorney's office before an arrest could be made.

"What we still need is a statement from the victim," he said. "As soon as he's well enough to talk to us, we'll head up there to the emergency room in Odessa to get that statement from him."

Carrasco will likely be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Granado added.

Dominguez' fiancee, Kelley Ryan, said she was "enraged" Carrasco still had not been charged three days after the incident.

"When somebody in the community is hurt, [officials need to] do their jobs and pick the guy up," she said. "Put him in jail where he belongs and let the courts decide."

The suspect told deputies he acted in self defense, according to Granado, and claimed Dominguez and the two brothers from Giesbrecht Farm were "trying to jump [him]."

"They're good people," the sheriff said of the Mennonite farmers. "[We've] never had any problems with them. All they do is work."

NewsWest 9 could not reach Dominguez' employers for comment. Calls to Carrasco went unanswered.