Solar Farm in the Works for Dawson County

Solar Farm in the Works for Dawson County

DAWSON COUNTY, TX (KWES) - It's no secret that West Texas has high temperatures and lots of sunshine. That got the attention of an energy renewal company and they want to put the 
heat to good use.

A $200 million solar farm is in the works in Dawson County. While they won't see any of the energy produced by the solar farm, it will bring in lots of tax revenue and jobs for the area.

"I don't think that I have to convince anyone in West Texas that we have a good solar resource," said Randy Sowell with Core Solar Services.

The solar services company didn't just pick Dawson County for their sunshine, they wanted a community that could profit from the solar farm.

"Dawson County is a good example of a rural community that could see significant benefits from the industry," said Sowell.

"The county and the school districts will get 20 percent of the value," said Foy O'Brien, the Dawson County Judge.

It's high value of $200 million means more tax dollars for the county.

"It's a significant expansion of the tax base. There will be a lot more tax dollars for all of the taxing entities," said Sowell.

"The entities that would be involved would be the county, the Klondike School District, the hospital district and the groundwater district," said O'Brien.

The solar farm is still in the proposal stages but Dawson County officials are excited to get the ball rolling.

"Anytime that you can bring in a new industry that generates tax dollars to aid and help the county out, it's a good thing. I don't know why you would not want something like this," said O'Brien.

The solar farm will cover 1,200 acres and produce 150 mega watts, making it one of the largest scale farms in the market right now. In August, the solar company will formally propose the project to commissioners court.