Fort Stockton City Officials Working to Repair Damaged Water Well

Fort Stockton City Officials Working to Repair Damaged Water Well

FORT STOCKTON, TX (KWES) - The streets of Fort Stockton were underwater on Wednesday. City crews were scrambling to fix the problem and it's all because a lightning storm damaged their main well. Officials say the water standing in the streets is nothing to be worried about.

"Because of the redundancy built into the system, we have not had to go on any restrictions, don't anticipate any restrictions," said Economic Development Director, Doug May. "If we should have another failure, we might have to, but we don't anticipate it."

A couple of weeks ago, lightning knocked out the electrical circuit powering well number one.

"Because of all the thunderstorms we've had this Spring, we've had some electric strikes and some power outages due to the storm," May said. "It affected our primary well field, which is out in Belding, and caused a couple of our wells to go down."

The city is flushing out the stagnant water in the tank in order to replace it with a fresh supply until well number one is back online.

"This is all to get the backup plan up and running," said Fort Stockton Mayor Chris Alexander.

Alexander says this has not affected the city's water supply. The water department has handled the situation as efficiently as possible.

"Both reverse osmosis plants and just the regular city water department are very well trained and second to none," said Alexander.

As far as the finances of this setback, we're told it's all covered.

"Anytime you have a big piece if equipment you've got to replace, there will be a financial setback," May said. "We have a contingency budget to take care of it. So it will be paid for out of that contingency budget."
We're told that once all of the parts to repair the well are in, the city will get right back on their normal water supply.

"Once we get those in and get it started, I anticipate we'll be able to shut down a couple redundancy wells and go back to relying on our Belding field," said May.