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Midland Store Pulls Cilantro Off Shelves


One supermarket in Midland has already pulled cilantro off their shelves.

That's after the Food and Drug Administration banned imports of cilantro coming in from Puebla, Mexico.

A government investigation discovered human feces and toilet paper in the fields where it was grown.

The cilantro was linked to outbreaks of stomach illnesses in the U.S. in the past two years

The investigation also found some of the farms had no running water or toilet facilities.

Super Mercado got word on Tuesday about the ban and decided to pull it.

They say a lot of people ask for cilantro, but right now, they just can't get it.

"Yes, the cilantro is very popular in here -- and uh, as of right now, we don't have any cilantro available," said Mike Rodriguez, Assistant Manager of Super Mercado in Midland.

There's no word on when Super Mercado will start selling cilantro again.

The ban only affects certain shipments of the produce from Puebla, Mexico.

The summer ban will continue unless a company can prove to health authorities that its product is safe.

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