Deadly Shooting Outside Bar in Kermit

Deadly Shooting Outside Bar in Kermit

WINKLER COUNTY, TX (KWES) - One person was shot and killed outside of a bar in Kermit over the weekend. Authorities are now working to figure out who's at fault. It happened around 1:00 a.m. on Saturday at the Texas Moon Bar and Lounge. It all started out as a fist fight and then quickly turned into a deadly shootout between four guys. Locals say it's a shock for their small community.

"It's kind of surprising. You know Kermit is a small town, but the oil patch draws in lots of people and if they drink they can get violent so; that's very unfortunate though," said Mark Woolsey who's a longtime area local.

"If you can keep the situation from escalating that's what you should do, but if someone came at me fist to fist, yeah I would hit them fist to fist but as far as them drawing a weapon; even if they pull a knife, yeah I'm probably going to meet them with a gun," said a concerned employee of the area.

Officials have not said how many shots were fired but did say that at one point three of the guys had a guys.

"There was only one person shot and he died on arrival," said Sheriff George Keely of Winkler County.

25 year old Mark Stahlman was killed by the gunfire. His brother was one of the four guys involved in the gunfight. The other two guys were place in custody for just over four hours before they were released.

"You know if a gun gets pulled it's either protect yourself or die," said a concerned employee of the area.

So far at least 20 people have been interviewed about the deadly shootout. The Texas Rangers are assisting the Winkler County Sheriff's Office in this ongoing investigation.