Crane Man is Behind Bars After Shooting, Killing His Girlfriend's Father

Crane Man is Behind Bars After Shooting, Killing His Girlfriend's Father

CRANE, TX (KWES) - It is the first murder in Crane in nearly a decade. A deadly shooting over the weekend left one Crane man dead and another behind bars. Neighbors claim the shooting happened after a fight between family members causing one man to pull out a rifle.

Jimmy Harrison, 45, was shot dead in the 400 block of 23rd Street in Crane after getting into a fight with his daughters boyfriend Edward Martinez, 20.

Police received an incomplete 911 call around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night. When dispatchers called back, they were told there had been a shooting. Police say the caller was the alleged gunman, Edward Martinez.

J.D. Smith, Crane Chief of Police, said, "Apparently from my early indications it was probably over some verbal altercation that just escalated. We're still in the early stages of the investigation to gather what information we have, to find out what exactly took place."

Neighbors say Harrison lived in the home on 400 East 23rd off and on. Harrison's common law wife Angie Harrison posted on Facebook stating that they were going to the home to get their things when she heard gunshots.

Victoria Quesada, a nearby neighbor, said, "He lived in that house and I think it was the daughters boyfriend, it was his daughters boyfriend (that shot him). I don't know if they had an argument or what went on that caused that to happen."

NewsWest 9 reached out to the Harrison family for comment but they declined because of the ongoing investigation. Neighbors say that the shooting may have been out of self defense, but as of now, Martinez is being charged with murder.

"He was taken into custody and actually has been formally charged with the death of Mr. Harrison and his bond has been set to $500,000," said Smith.

Crane Police say the body was sent to Lubbock for an autopsy.

NewsWest 9 will keep you updated on the latest information as it becomes available.