Increased Patrols for Burglaries in Odessa Leads to Several Arrests

Increased Patrols for Burglaries in Odessa Leads to Several Arrests

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - One Odessa neighborhood has been the target in a string of burglaries. Police are now stepping up to put a stop to it.

"I mean we see this, this can really happen anywhere. Burglaries, whether it's an auto burglary or a residential burglary, they can basically happen anywhere but for whatever reason we've recently experienced rash of them in this particular neighborhood," said Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

The 1400 block of Brittany Lane is where Odessa Police have been patrolling night and day. Those efforts helped them make their third arrest in just four days.

"That makes me feel more comfortable. So that's excellent. that's good," said Debbie Graves, who lives on Brittany Lane.

The increased patrols came about to scare off thieves in the upscale neighborhood.

"It's just important to know that it isn't uncommon for criminals to live in that same area where the crimes are being committed," said LeSueur.

On Tuesday afternoon, police caught Diana Pettigrew, 36, on Brittany Lane after they spotted her throwing a bag of meth out of her vehicle. Then on Wednesday, they came across Marshall Taylor, 33, who was wanted for an unrelated felony. Their active patrols help catch another guy and for the whole reason they’ve been keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

"Recently the Odessa Police Department has been recovering several stolen vehicles in that particular neighborhood," said LeSueur.

That's how they caught Kevin Gaudin, 27. He allegedly stole a truck and then earlier this month abandoned it a couple blocks away on Pagewood. Early Friday morning, they found him on Brittany Lane.

“I’ve seen them (police) more frequently all around the area and out on Parkway and around Oakwood and then going down my street here. So I feel more comfortable when I see them,” said Graves.