4th Annual Viva Big Bend Music Festival Kicks Off

4th Annual Viva Big Bend Music Festival Kicks Off

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - The Viva Big Bend Music Festival kicked off Thursday with 75 live music shows throughout the weekend.

There are free shows all over the Big Bend region, as people from all over the U.S., even abroad, make their way to the 4th annual Viva Big Bend Music Festival.

"Soy Joe King Carrasco de Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Viva Mexico! Ow!" said Joe King Carrasco, performer in the Viva Big Bend Music Festival.

"There's just something special about the mountains and people just seem to be very happy. They enjoy it out here. It's a very laid back vibe. I have a lot of bands that like to come back," said Producer of Viva Big Bend, Stewart Ramser.

It's the fourth year of the Viva Big Bend Music Festival. This four-day event stretches from Alpine to Marfa, Marathon and Fort Davis, for music lovers of all genres.

"The O's, they're gonna be here this year. We're really excited to see them," said festival-goar, Nichole Carriger of San Angelo.

"Just a wide variety of styles. Latin music, Rock, Blues, Country, Americana," said Ramser.

With venues in walking distance from each other, its a musical experience like none other.

"You'll go to shows and you may see a band play. Then the next show you go to, they might be in the audience with you," said festival-goar, Jason DeFee of San Angelo.

"You see the same musicians come back every year, so it created a little family of musicians that we get to share moments with each other and pick a little bit together while they're all here," said Charles Maxwell, performa in the Viva Big Bend Music Festival.

Bands come in from all over, attracting fans and newcomers, leaving no member behind.

"[My dog] Ana's gonna be 19 on the 27th of August. She's the oldest dog you'll ever see, and she's been to every show I've played in the last 19 years," said Carrasco.

It will be a weekend filled with music in Alpine, Marfa, Marathon and Fort Davis.

"There's no better place to be in Texas in July than right here."

For a list of this weekend's concerts, visit http://www.newswest9.com/link/748410/viva-big-bend-schedule-of-events.

For ticket price information and any other questions, visit VivaBigBend.com.