Viral Video of Odessa Man Throwing Kitten Has Locals Outraged

Viral Video of Odessa Man Throwing Kitten Has Locals Outraged

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A shocking video posted on Facebook has created outrage in West Texas. It shows an Odessa man abusing a small kitten. In the video, he's practically bragging about what he does to the kitten. Now, police are getting involved after police identified 25-year-old Christopher Joel Gonzales as the man seen in that video.

"Oh my gosh! He needs to be found and put in jail," said an Odessa resident. 

"A cat? He threw it? Wow! What a bum," said an Odessa resident. 

"He just threw the cat. That's so sad," said an Odessa resident.

The video was posted on Facebook less than 24 hours ago. Minutes after it hit the web, hundreds of people spoke out against Gonzales and demanded that action be taken.

"That's a low life piece of crap. He definitely needs charges put on him and something happen to him. That's just ridiculous," said an Odessa resident.

Odessa Police got several calls about the video on Thursday morning and that sparked the investigation.

"Social media played a huge role. It was immediately brought to our attention and an investigation immediately began. The Odessa Police Department appreciates all the help from the public," said Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

A warrant has now been issued for Gonzales's arrest. He's facing felony charges for cruelty and torturing of animals.

"So he could be facing up to two years," said LeSueur. 

"That's bad. Trash! Get 'em!" said an Odessa resident.

Many have been wondering what condition the kitten is in or if it even survived. The Odessa Police Department tells NewsWest 9, the kitten was found by Animal Control but it's unclear where and when they found it. It was then taken to the Odessa Animal Shelter. The kitten is now in the process of being released to a local animal rescue to get the proper vet care that is needed.