Seminole City Councilman Arrested on Criminal Mischief Charges

Seminole City Councilman Arrested on Criminal Mischief Charges

SEMINOLE, TX (KWES) - A Seminole city councilman was arrested on charges of criminal mischief.

According to a press release received by NewsWest 9, District 2 Councilman Michael Kyle Sodd turned himself in to Seminole Police on Thursday.

According to police, a Seminole Police Department Animal Control discovered someone had cut the lock of an outside pen at the Animal Shelter on Seagraves Highway on June 29.

Officials say the pen contained two dogs that had been picked up by officers on June 27.

Then a few days later, the dogs were located in the Sodd's backyard.

Further investigation revealed that Sodd had gone under a locked gate at the Landfill near where the Animal Shelter is located, cut the locks to the pen and took his dogs.

The case was later sent to the District Attorney's Office to request a warrant for a Class A Criminal Trespass warrant.

However, the County Attorney's Office issued a warrant for Criminal Mischief over $50 and under $500, which is a class B misdemeanor.

Sodd was booked into the Gaines County Detention Center.