Caught on Cam: Suspects Break Into Permian High School

Caught on Cam: Suspects Break Into Permian High School

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - We're well into summer vacation but a couple of young men just can't seem to stay away from the classroom. Two suspects broke into Permian High School and Odessa Crimestoppers need your help catching the intruders.

We don't know whether or not they're students of Permian but we do know one thing. The two suspects have much worse than detention coming to them.

The two young men in the video look much to old to still be visiting high school but some some guys just can't close the yearbook.

"At Permian High School, we had two guys break into the building down at the end where they're doing the reconstruction," said Odessa Crimestopper's Susan Rogers. "As luck would have it, the lights were on in the hallway so the cameras picked up some excellent video."

Whoever thought it was a good idea to use a t-shirt for a mask should be given an F. Apparently, the other suspect does not understand that shirts must be worn in the hallways. Didn't he read the school handbook?

"They tried to cover their faces up but one of them didn't do a very good job," Rogers said. "The second suspect has got something over the top of his head but I think these guys probably hang out together so if you know one, you know the other. We're interested in getting that information."

What could these two possibly be doing at 3 a.m. on July 11 in a school? Maybe trying to get some extra credit after being kicked out of math class for too many infractions.

"This is a burglary of a building because they entered the building without permission to be there," said Rogers. "It's actually a state jail felony so once we get information on these guys, they'll have a felony on their background."

Since these two criminals are so eager to be in school, I bet I can guess their favorite punctuation mark. A period of course, because it marks the end of both of their sentences.

If you have any information on these two burglars, you are urged to call Odessa Crimestoppers at 333-TIPS.

You will remain anonymous and you may receive a cash reward.