Illegal Cash Winnings Lead to Odessa Game Room Raid

Illegal Cash Winnings Lead to Odessa Game Room Raid

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Three people were arrested Tuesday afternoon following an illegal gambling investigation at Super Jackpot Game Room, police said.

Detectives raided the newly opened 8th Street business around 11 a.m. and determined employees were paying out winnings in cash, according to Odessa Police spokesman Cpl. Steve LeSueur.

"It's never ending," he said of the recurring game room raids throughout Odessa. "We take this kind of thing very seriously... because in the past, we've had several robberies, illegal drug activity and other things that have been associated with these types of places."

According to a news release from Odessa Police, Dan Wu was arrested at Super Jackpot Game Room for promotion of gambling, a Class A misdemeanor. A second individual, Jie Chen, was later arrested for the same crime at a Barksdale Lane apartment, along with Saiying Sun, the game room owner. Sun is charged with possession of gambling devices, also a Class A misdemeanor, officials said.

Police seized an undisclosed amount of cash and several hard drives during the Super Jackpot raid, and are still looking for a fourth suspect, the news release stated.

Officials told NewsWest 9 the game room would "probably" close its doors for good. However, local gambling aficionados said they "wouldn't be surprised" if Super Jackpot eventually reopened at a different location.

"They pop up, get raided and then open back up," said Dawaine Hankins, an Odessa resident who had previously won hundreds of dollars in cash from Super Jackpot. "This game room is a lot of fun. It keeps me out of the bars."

He stopped by Tuesday evening with two friends, several hours after the police raid, and was disappointed to find the game room closed.

"We'll just go to another one," Hankins told NewsWest 9. "They're all over the place here."