City of Monahans Seal Coats Streets Instead of Contractors

City of Monahans Seal Coats Streets Instead of Contractors

MONAHANS, TX (KWES) - Just like every city in the Permian Basin, roads must be maintained due to oilfield traffic. The City of Monahans has taken the project into their own hands and they are doing it for a cheaper price than the previous contractors. For about six years, the city has hired contractors to complete the annual seal coat project but not anymore.

"About five years ago, we used two contractors in two consecutive projects over about four years," said Monahans Assistant City Manager, Rex Thee. "And we ended up in a litigation with both contractors due to subpar work."

Now with employees from water and utilities, landfill, cemetery and more, a big chunk of the streets of Monahans will get a new coat of asphalt.

"It wasn't really hard to pick the streets because it was mainly all of them," said Thee.

Thee spoke with many contractors before finding the ideal tar to lay down. He decided on CRS-2 for one important reason.

"The CRS-2 emulsion we used this year is a cooler project, you don't have to heat it as hot as it, goes down on the street," said Thee.

Only three city employees had experience in seal coating but Thee stays there were some guys willing to sacrifice their summer vacation time to learn the seal coat business.

"The crew has always done what's needed," said Thee. "They have done everything we needed them to do."

As of now, the city is way ahead of schedule.

"I was hoping to get 36 to maybe 50 blocks this seal coat project," said Thee. "We have one more day of seal coating, which is Thursday, and at this point we have just around 80 blocks that we have completed."

While previous contractors went for about $1.66 per square yard, the City of Monahans is doing it a little differently.

"We're doing it for a $1.00 to $1.04 a yard and that's counting my labor, calculating the guys times and their labor, diesel and all that kind of stuff, so we saw some savings," said Thee.