Police Investigating Possible Videotaping in 7-Eleven Restroom

Police Investigating Possible Videotaping in 7-Eleven Restroom

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Imagine going to a local corner store to use the restroom to find out that someone has been recording you. That's what Odessa Police believe happened at the 7-Eleven on Clements St. and Crane Ave.

Odessa Police received a tip from 7-Eleven employees who found an iPhone placed in a hole in the ceiling of the public restroom. Police told NewsWest 9 that the phone may have been recording video. Only one victim has come forward, but police believe there may have been several victims.

Cpl. Steve LeSueur, with the Odessa Police Department, said, "An employee had possibly been recording customers inside of the restroom. It is unknown exactly what time period this consists of, however, 7-Eleven has been very cooperative with us. They were the ones who initially reported this to us."

Newswest 9 received a statement from Southwest Convenience Stores stating that, "An employee has been placed on leave pending the outcome of this investigation."

"We take every investigation very seriously, obviously these allegations are disturbing, but at this time there is no evidence that any of this actually happened," said LeSueur.

The possibility of being recorded while using the bathroom doesn't sit well with Odessa residents.

Kristal Villa of Odessa, said, "I grew up around here, so I know that kids walk around and come use the restroom and everything so it's just not okay. Especially if it's a grown man or something that's not okay, that's nasty."

Robert Granado, a resident of Odessa, said, "My opinion is, don't use public restrooms and be careful of your surroundings too. It's crazy, pretty crazy."

Once enough evidence is gathered the suspect could be facing serious charges.

LeSueur said, "At this time, it is being investigated as improper photography or visual recordings which is a state jail felony. If there is anyone out there that believes they possibly could have been a victim, then they're asked to come forward and file a police report."