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Thieves Steal Confederate Flag From Midland Backyard


A Midland homeowner is trying to figure out what happened after a video went viral on the Internet showing thieves jumping over a fence to steal a Confederate flag.

"I don't even know if they really understand what's going on with the confederate flag. This is strictly out of school spirit for Lee High School," said Midland homeowner, Kathy Suiter.

Former Midland Lee students recall seeing the Confederate flag flying every day. Now all that's left is a lone strip of that flag and the criminals are still on the run.

Although short-lived, the criminals posted a video on Facebook after they stole the flag on Thursday evening.

"We didn't notice until the next morning. I started getting calls and texts saying, 'it's on Facebook! A video of somebody stealing your flag,' and the video shows the guy stealing it, jumping our fence and ripping it off and everything," said Suiter.

They denounce the confederate flag and it quickly went viral.

The criminals took the video down shortly after but Kathy Suiter, says they've flown the Confederate flag for many years and never encountered any problems.

"This is West Texas. This is Midland, Texas. This is Robert E. Lee High School. It's been that since it was founded in '51, I believe. I just don't understand it," said Suiter.

She wasn't home when it happened but former Midland Lee students came knocking on her door to show her the video to give police.

"That wasn't even an issue back then," said a former Midland Lee Student.

A former Midland Lee student says when he was in school just a few years ago, the flag didn't cause this much trouble.

"Everybody wants to be offended by history and that's ridiculous. You can't take that away. It's always gonna be there. Whether you want to fly the flag or not, it's not gonna change," said a former Midland Lee Student.

Midland Police say those involved could be charged with criminal trespassing and theft of property.

If you have any information about the case, call police.

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