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Four People Vying for New Judicial District Court Seat


Four people are vying to be a new judge in Ector County.

They'll take over the new 446th Judicial District Court.

John Cliff, Christopher Clark, Sara Kate Billingsley and Kathy Wilson are all vying for the seat.

NewsWest 9 found out why they're the best fit for the position.

"After 40 years of serving people and contentious hearings, representing criminal defendants, I feel like I could leave a better legacy and a more significant legacy by making the decisions instead of advocating one side or other,” said John Cliff, Candidate for the 446th court.

“I have experience already making difficult decisions and sticking by them, I think that will serve me well. Whatever I don't know in family law is in the family code. I'm very good at reading and applying all the laws and all the codes. I can pick up the family code and read what I need to read and be prepared for whatever case comes in front of me,” said Christopher Clark, Candidate for the 446th Judicial District Court.

“I want it to be said that I feel like I have the right temperament to stay non-biased from the situation so that I can keep my emotions out of any situation and I'm able to make a sound judicial decision. However, it is my heart, it is my passion and it is my mission to do something wonderful for Ector County families,” said Sara Kate Billingsley, Candidate for the 446th Judicial District Court.

“I want to be able to provide the continuity to the court by bringing the skills, the experience, the decision making capabilities that I've used over the last 15 years to continue with this new court as it is established,” said Kathy Wilson, Candidate for the 446th Judicial District Court.

The Ector County Republican Executive Committee will choose who they feel is the best candidate on Thursday.

The selection will then go to Governor Gregg Abbott's office who will make the announcement in September.

The 446th Court is expected to open up that month.

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