Big Spring Boy Donates Earnings from Lemonade Stand

Big Spring Boy Donates Earnings from Lemonade Stand

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - A little boy in Big Spring has everyone talking. His lemonade stand is bringing in thousands of dollars. But he's not using his earnings on himself.

Logan's Lemonade Stand is now a well known spot in Big Spring. On Saturday more than 100 thirsty customers visited Logan. After noticing a boy at his school that never brought a lunch or snacks Logan decided he had to do something.

"So then that made me want to do this," said Logan Henry.

"He came in the living room one day and was like 'I have to have a lemonade stand. I have to help feed the hungry kids. I need to set it up right'," said Stephanie Henry, Logan's mother.

And that's exactly what Logan is doing.

"It's just amazing that a young man, that just turned nine years old, could come up with this idea on his own and then want to donate that money to a food pantry like us," said Joe McWright with the Isaiah 58 food pantry.

They say Logan's donation will help them feed more than 100 families, probably more than 300 people. They say people like Logan are what keep their doors open.

"If it wasn't for the individuals and the charities and the people who support us we would die and that would be it," said McWright.

If you're wondering this little guy came up with the idea at just six years old.

"Sometimes it's overwhelming cause you're like, you know he's so young but he wants to do so much. so i think it's just awesome. we're very proud of him," said Stephanie.

He raised $2,000 on Saturday and he says you'll see Logan's Lemonade Stand again next year, and the next, and the next.

"I want my kids, and their kids to do it and those kids to do it and then those kids to do it. I just hope it keeps on going down in our family generation. Thank you, all of you people who came out. Thank you all for coming," said Logan.

He only opens up his lemonade stand once a year but you can still help him raise money for the food pantry through the email or reaching out through the Logan's Lemonade Stand Facebook page.