"Active Shooter Incident" Reported at Tennessee Naval Center

"Active Shooter Incident" Reported at Tennessee Naval Center

by Jason Hanna

Authorities were investigating an "active shooter incident" late Thursday morning at the Naval Reserve Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Fire Chief Randy Jackson said.

"Horrific incident in our community," tweeted Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. "We will release details as they are confirmed. Prayers to all those affected."
Jackson said paramedics were standing by but had not transported anyone at this time.
Photos posted on Twitter by media outlets showed police blocking a road and a large number of patrol cars.

A witness told CNN that she saw a man with "a high-powered rifle" fire multiple shots from a silver Mustang. She said she was watching through a window from inside a restaurant.

Gina Mule said she heard "Pow, pow, pow!" around 10:50 a.m. ET.
"I don't know how many shots he fired, but it was a lot," she said.
Chattanooga State University asked people on its main campus to stay inside because of a "confirmed shooting," the school said on Twitter.