Midland Residents Witness Suspects Being Arrested After a Crime Spree

Midland Residents Witness Suspects Being Arrested After a Crime Spree

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A man and woman were arrested in Midland Tuesday night after a wild crime spree. It spanned from Odessa all the way to Midland. They're accused of stealing a couple of trucks, a couple hit and runs, a carjacking, and a burglary. 

NewsWest 9 spoke with neighbors at the apartment complex where the pair was arrested. Police say Pedro Rojas, 19, Sadee Ramirez, 17, committed five crimes in Odessa in less than 24-hours. 

They made their way into Midland and allegedly burglarized a home and kidnapped a woman at the Waterford Lakes Apartments. When officers got there they found Rojas standing on a balcony with a gun. Turns out Ramirez claimed to be the victim.    

A resident of the Waterford Lakes Apartments who wished to be anonymous saw the whole thing through her patio doors. Police were just outside of her apartment pointing their guns at Rojas who was outside of the apartment above hers.

"I happened to look through the glare of my T.V. and I noticed there were some police officers outside, holding their guns upstairs. I did hear, get down, get down take your hands out of your pockets."

Another resident, Kendrick McLaughlin got the whole standoff on camera.

"I saw guns, saw cops with guns, cops yelling, the guy yelling at the cops. We heard the dog, we heard a lot of stuff, we heard the tazer," said McLaughlin.

In the video you can see multiple officers with their guns pointed upward towards the second floor of the building. Police say Rojas had ignored the officers' commands and was threatening to shoot police.

"He was telling the cops that he was going to shoot them if they came upstairs, at the time I didn't see a gun on him I just heard him saying he was going to shoot the cop," said McLaughlin.

Midland Police later released a K-9 unit. Officials say Rojas picked up the dog that was latched onto his arm, and told officers "You think this hurts?" before stepping back. That's when police took Rojas down and arrested him. Residents tell NewsWest 9, that they were shocked that this happened so close to their apartments.
"I was scared at first, cause when I did see the cops you know they had the guns drawn and I didn't know what was going on right there, and my kids were in the other room playing so I panicked and I just grabbed my kids and ran to the other room and shut the door."

After police arrested Rojas they were able to arrest Ramirez who had locked herself inside of the home. The investigation revealed that no burglary or kidnapping ever happened at the apartment complex.

Both are facing several charges including two counts of vehicle theft, two counts of unauthorized use of motor vehicles, and aggravated robbery. Rojas was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, unlawful possession of firearms by a felon, failure to identify, resisting arrest, parole violation, as well as multiple warrants for previous convictions. Police say Ramirez was also carrying drug paraphernalia.