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UPDATE: Odessa Carjacking Suspects Apprehended


The duo believed to be behind Tuesday’s series of hit and runs involving a stolen car and a carjacking are behind bars.

Pedro Rojas, 19, and Sadee Ramirez, 17, are facing numerous charges including burglary.

Midland police were called out the Lakes Apartments in Midland for what they thought was a burglary and kidnapping.

When they got there, Rojas was standing on the second floor claiming he had a pistol.

A police K9 unit was released and got ahold of his arm but he continued to mock police.

They eventually arrested him without further incident, along with Ramirez, who police initially thought was the kidnap victim.

Police found a stolen F-150 Rojas had and is he’s now facing several charges including burglary, firearms and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Ramirez is facing drug charges.

Officials say that's not all.

Odessa police believe the duo is behind a series of events in Odessa on Tuesday and a series of recent burglaries in Odessa.

They believe the pair stole a truck and then left the scene of two accidents in that stolen truck.

The second accident, they allegedly robbed a Good Samaritan who checked on them at gunpoint and sped off in the man's car.

We're told the pair could also be facing federal charges for a number of other crimes allegedly committed in Odessa.

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