Odessa Car Theft Victim Speaks Out After His Truck was Stolen, Crashed

Odessa Car Theft Victim Speaks Out After His Truck was Stolen, Crashed

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa Police responded to a crash early Tuesday morning. Police later found out that one of the vehicles involved in the crash was stolen by a man and woman. That vehicle belonged to Ruste White of Odessa.

"I woke up this morning about 5:30 went out to go to work, as I went out there I noticed my truck was gone and he had broke into one of our other trucks and had stolen our keys, started up the other truck and that's how he got access to our truck," said White.

Police found Ruste's stolen truck on IH-20 and Dixie. The thieves crashed it right into a van. 

"Just probably about four hours later they (police) called me and said that they had found it but it was wrecked on I-20," said White. 

And it only got worse, the truck was already banged up. Police think the thieves wrecked it about three hours earlier on Cumberland. 

"I'm pretty devastated by it, you know we work for everything that we have, so to know that something we had paid off is just sitting up here stolen and wrecked you know is pretty rough to swallow," said White.
But that's not the end of the story. Rusty's truck stopped at I-20 and Dixie, but the thieves didn't. Police say a good Samaritan pulled over to make sure the couple was okay. The duo carjacked that guy at gunpoint and took off. The good Samaritan was okay and his car was found later at the Woodcrest Apartments. Police aren't sure if the couple lives there, and they still haven't been found. As for Ruste...

"If he's caught, I definitely want to press charges to the full extent, it's just a crazy situation," said White.