Woman Arrested in Seagraves for Forgery, Tampering with Government Documents

Woman Arrested in Seagraves for Forgery, Tampering with Government Documents

SEAGRAVES, TX (KWES) - Seagraves Police stopped a woman for speeding on Sunday but the stop turned into a much bigger case.

It started as a speeding stop but led to Seagraves Police finding out that Rachel Lorraine-Lopez Perry had a suspended license and was also stealing identities and credit card information from people all over the state of Texas and possibly in Oklahoma.

Seagraves Police Chief, Gregory Mcauley, said, "The female driving the vehicle seemed to be very nervous, the more nervous she got the more they decided to check it out. Once they got to looking into it, they found out that she had six different drivers licenses with her picture on them but different names." 

Police also found 50 sheets of blank check stock and a manual embossing machine in Perry's vehicle. She also had a typed list of 28 peoples names and their credit card numbers, billing addresses and security codes from the back of the card.  
"Two of the drivers licenses she had in her possession had the names of some of those people on that credit card information, so she had an actual license to back up the use of that credit card," said Mcauley.
Police wondered how Perry was able to get a hold so many different credit card numbers and identities. They say she may have gotten the information through her job.

"You see a lot of this stuff happen from hotels and restaurants and that kind of thing. It turned out that she was a waitress at some restaurant in the Dallas area," said Mcauley.
Rachel Perry has been charged with tampering with government documents, forgery, possession of false identifying information, speeding and driving while license is suspended. All of the charges besides speeding and driving with a suspended license are second and third degree felony charges.

"At this point, I think were going to turn it over to the Federal Government. They've got some people coming down this (Monday) afternoon to take a look at what we have and they were reasonably sure that this would be a good case for them to take, and we're happy to do that," said Mcauley.