Vandal Leaves $20,000 Worth of Damage to Big Spring Church

Vandal Leaves $20,000 Worth of Damage to Big Spring Church

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - A Big Spring man landed himself behind bars after causing $20,000 worth of damage to a church. Douglas Paxton, 31, broke into three different buildings at the First Church of the Nazarene in Big Spring. He also managed to somehow start two of their church vans drive off in them. One of them he drove across the street and crashed it into a pole. It all went down Thursday morning just before 9:00.

"That morning it just so happened that one of our church children's workers came in to work on one of her rooms," said Kim Shafer, board secretary for the church.

The church secretary looked through the broken glass and saw the vandal standing in the kitchen. A burner was on and he was curving his hunger with a waffle. When officers arrived Paxton was still inside the church and get this, he also snagged one of their t-shirts and put it on. It reads "I heart my church".

"We don't know what his motive was but we find it interesting that apparently he was hungry and needed clothing and that's what the bible teaches us you know feed and clothe the hungry so we're excited. We might take him another one," said Shafer.

The First Church of the Nazarene told NewsWest 9 they have no anger towards the vandal.

"We harbor no hard feelings against this person. We want him to get the help that he needs and I think that will happen," said Shafer.  
The pastor says this vandalism is a blessing that has brought everyone closer.

"Yeah, I was real proud of our church. In times of adversity I think it speaks to the character of people in the church like ours where in those times of adversity people come together. It doesn't drive them apart. It doesn't cause failure but everybody unites behind a common cause," said Calvary Callender, the church Pastor.

The church is now left with $20,000 worth of damage and say the community is already helping them more forward.

"So many people came by at Wal-Mart and offered they're prayers and offered money and they were giving donations this morning and so we're so thankful as a church that we live in a community that loves us," said Shafer.

If you would like to help out the First Church of the Nazarene just visit their website