Midland Health and Senior Services Use Translator Technology

Midland Health and Senior Services Use Translator Technology

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland Health and Senior Services now has the capability to provide more efficient care. A new technology is being used that translates conversation between the nurse and the patient. The device knocks down over 250 language barriers that will connect hundreds of patients with a medical plan suitable for them.

"When a patient comes to seek medical treatment or medical education, they come in their preferred language and sometimes we just know English, so  My Accessible Real-Time Trusted Interpreter (MARTTI), is able to break that barrier," said Elsa Reed, Cultural Diversity Coordinator for Midland Memorial Hospital.

Sal Garcia, Health Manager at Midland Health and Senior Services says this will have a huge impact on their ability to care for patients.

"MARTTI is just a tool to help us serve our citizens in a more efficient way, a better way so he or she knows the services they got and who they need to call in case something happens," Garcia said.

When a patient comes in to the Health Service Center, they'll sit in an exam room, and connect with MARTTI. The nurse speaks with the patient and with 360 degree audio capability, the operator will translate. Another bonus is that MARTTI is HIPAA compliant, meaning all patient information is secure and confidential.

"MARTTI is secure," Reed said. "It's HIPAA compliant. It works off of a special circuit which allows all the messages to be encrypted."

MARTTI has only been used for a couple months at Health and Senior Services, but Garcia says he has seen a tremendous improvement in medical efficiency.

"What we're looking for is to be efficient, not to be fast," he said. "This is not an oil change. We're dealing with people's medical care and history so we have to take our time to be very efficient."