Midland Police Investigating Credit Card Abuse Affecting Local Banks

Midland Police Investigating Credit Card Abuse Affecting Local Banks

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Multiple banks in Midland have been hit with credit card abuse.

One of which tells NewsWest 9, the culprit could be "skimmers" placed at local gas pumps.

"It was very apparent at that time the next morning when we checked our account that the money was gone. They pretty much wiped out my entire checking account," said a Midland resident who wished to protect her identity.

The resident says she checks her bank accounts daily for any suspicious transactions. On Friday, she discovered the money she worked hard for had vanished.

"Close to $700, $800. One good paycheck. We have to have that to live on," she said.

Citizens Federal Credit Union confirms cases of credit card fraud, possibly linked to a "skimmer" placed at local gas pumps. And they're not alone. Midland Police are also investigating these same crimes at other banks around town.

"I asked the lady behind the glass if they had had a lot and she said at least 20 couples had been in that day," said the resident.

Back in March, police discovered a skimmer at the ATM of a Midland Frost Bank.

These skimmers are easy to miss if you don't look closely. Police say criminals buy these little machines off the internet and place them where you swipe your cards. They take the number and information and even have a little camera to watch you punch in your PIN number.

Citizens Federal Credit Union says their software catches the majority of credit card fraud but police say anyone can get hit.

"When you get your bank statement in, just make sure they're all legit statements because we can't take it for granted that our credit cards are safe," said Sgt. Jimmy Young of the Midland Police Department.

The Midland couple got their money back. They agree with police that credit card abuse doesn't discriminate.

"If you're working in a business, please, please check ID's and check the cards and back them up with the person that you're with. That will deter a lot of crime," said the Midland resident.

The names of the other banks affected have not yet been released.

If you're a victim of credit card abuse, contact police and your bank immediately.