Caught on Camera: Man Steals $300 Remote Control Car

Caught on Camera: Man Steals $300 Remote Control Car

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa Crimestoppers need your help finding a thief. Back in February, a man went into a clothing and accessory store off of Andrews Highway, stole a $300 remote control car and walked out the door.

The man walks into a hobby type store off of Andrews Highway, picks out a set of hot wheels and walks right out the door, smiling and all. It makes you wonder if he made it through high school without learning the concept of the good ole trade system.

"He takes a couple of small items up to the counter, and pays for those two items and turns around and walks right out the door with that remote control car that he just picked up," said Odessa Crimestopper's Susan Rogers. "He acts like he brought it in."

He scans the aisles, goes right up to the car and up to the register.

"The whole time he's talking to the clerk, smiling at her. Of course she doesn't realize that when he walked in, he didn't have anything in his hands until they went and viewed the video when the car came up missing," said Rogers.
It would be curious to know how he's going to go home and explain to his kid that he or she is playing with a stolen car. This guy should stick with Grand Theft Auto. At least if you play that game, you won't have the viewers of NewsWest 9 knowing you're a thief.

"Some of this stuff is just so unbelievable that somebody has got enough nerve to walk into a store and pick up an item and then knowing that the clerk doesn't know he stole it," said Rogers. "He is up there just chatting and carrying on a conversation, having a good time and then just walk out the door like you'll never get caught."

You will get caught. Although this video is back from February, Odessa Crimestopper's Susan Rogers says there is a reason why we let you think you got away.

"We're here to tell you that even if you did this six months or a year ago, it's still on the books. It's still a crime and we intend to get you caught," she said.

One thing is for sure. Once viewers like you help find the thief that stole a child's toy, he'll definitely be incarcerated.

If you have any information on this thief, please call Odessa Crimestoppers at 333-TIPS. You will remain anonymous and you could even get a cash reward.