Odessa Liquor Store Robbed Twice in a Week

Odessa Liquor Store Robbed Twice in a Week

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A liquor store in Odessa was hit twice in the last week. The thieves were able to get away with hundreds of dollars worth of liquor. But thanks to surveillance cameras, it was all caught on tape. Last Thursday, Kari's Liquor Store in Odessa was hit by two thieves that got away with almost $200 dollars worth of liquor. Just four days later the duo came back with some help from a third thief.

Heather Autry was the store clerk that was behind the counter during the theft. She said, "They came in and they were just walking around casually and I didn't know anything and I was looking over this way to see who was at the drive and see what she needed and as soon as I looked up they were gone." 

The duo was able to get away with two bottles of Crown Royal and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Seeing the store as an easy target, they came back again. This time with an extra set of hands. 

Scott Cooksey, Owner of Kari's Liquor Store, said, "We did not file a police report at that time and then consequently the following Monday, this past Monday which would have been the 6th of July, two of the same individuals accompanied by a third subject came in and stole six half gallons of Crown and three or four liters of Crown and Crown Black."

The surveillance footage shows the thieves coming in during broad daylight around 4:00 in the evening. The clerk was in the bathroom during the time of theft.

"As soon as I came back up, I recognized them, and as soon as I saw them, I knew what they were doing. One was just handing them the half gallons and one was walking out of the door, and I said what are y'all doing and they just ran out of the door, and I tried to go after them and get some of it but I couldn't," said Autry.
Heather Autry says customers parked at a nearby storage saw the crooks run away and were able to see what kind of car they were in. Witnesses say they were last seen in a green Ford Escort with black rims.

"We're just hoping that somebody might recognize somebody from the videos, I'm sure that there's some people that, you know, they have done wrong in other ways and be looking for an opportunity to maybe get the person to face some of the judgment they might deserve," said Cooksey.       
The store is in the process of filing a police report. If you have any information on these thieves, call the Odessa Police Department or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.