Lightning Sparks Fire, Midland Family Loses Home

Lightning Sparks Fire, Midland Family Loses Home

Alinna Pando returned from a family vacation with her mother and brother to a scene of devastation where her childhood home once stood.

"We grew up here and this is where our memories were," she said. "Everything is gone."

Lightning struck a power pole behind the mobile home on the 700 block of E County Road 133, splintering the wood and sparking a fire that rendered the trailer a total loss. Pando said a relative noticed flames and called 911, but it was too late.

"There was pretty much nothing they could do," she told NewsWest 9. "Just wait and watch, and watch it burn."

An estimated 22,600 fires each year are caused by lightning, according to the latest figures from the National Fire Protection Association. These fires cause an average of nine deaths each year, 53 injuries and $451 million in property damage.

Pando said her family felt "helpless" when they picked up a call about the fire from hundreds of miles away.

"We thought everything was grounded properly, but there was just no way to prevent this," she said.

Her mother, Amparo Holguin, said their "good memories" of ECR 133 would stay with them, while the "bad memories" had been scorched with their possessions.

A donation account for the family can be found at the following link: