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Two Arrested For Lying, Filing False Report


A hit and run in Odessa landed two people behind bars.

Police say one of them even made up a fake story to get out of trouble.

29-year-old Rodger Cook is facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident while 20-year-old Zoe Alvarado is charged with make a false report to police.

The wreck happened last week on East 51st Street.

According to the report, Cook was driving when he hit a parked pickup truck and then took off.

A short time later, Alvarado called police and claimed the car Cook was in was stolen.

She told police someone broke into her house, took the keys and drove off.

But what the couple didn't know was that the officer recognized cook from the car with Alvarado.

The report says cook admitted he left to get insurance information and planned to come back.

Alvarado told police she lied because she didn't want her parents to be mad at Cook.

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