Man in Custody Escapes From Ector County Courthouse

Man in Custody Escapes From Ector County Courthouse

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Authorities are searching for a man who escaped from the Ector County Courthouse early Wednesday morning. Adam Lloyd Cooper,35, had just made a court appearance and was in custody when he made a run for it. Several law enforcement agencies came together to search for Cooper but as of Wednesday afternoon, he hadn't been caught.

"It's been a while since anything like this but I mean it occasionally happens though," said Ector County Sheriff, Mark Donaldson.

It happened around 11:15 a.m. just after Cooper appeared in court for two outstanding warrants. The Sheriff's Office said Cooper was taken to the Courthouse Security Office and that's where he was handcuffed to a seat inside the office.

"Courthouse Security, the Deputy, was in the office, doing the paperwork for them to you know come pick him up," said Donaldson.

That's when Cooper made his escape. He slipped out of the handcuffs and bolted out the door. He didn't have to go far to get outside. Just a few feet away from the security office, there are doors you can exit out of.

"You place handcuff's on some people. Some people are double jointed and they're able to do it. You crack down the handcuff's too tight and then they complain that they're hurting them or they actually are hurting them. This is just a case of this guy was able to get out of the cuffs," said Donaldson.

The Sheriff's Office says they're confident Cooper will be caught.

"We're just following up on leads to see if we can locate him somewhere. He's out there somewhere and we'll eventually find him. If they know him that well, tell him to turn himself in because he's going to get caught one way or another," said Donaldson.

According to the Ector County Sheriff's Office this all went down right after Cooper had been sentenced. They do not consider him to be dangerous but if you spot him or know where he might be call the Sheriff's Office at 432-335-3050.