17 Potential Retail Chains to Big Lake

17 Potential Retail Chains to Big Lake

BIG LAKE, TX (KWES) - Big Lake is looking to potentially bring 17 businesses to town. Sonic is the first to make its way to town which begins construction in August. A retail coach out of Austin is looking to help them bring more growth to the area.

"We have to have land and we may have to do some possible grants but the Economic Development Corporation is ready to do that to increase tax base, sales tax dollars and to give citizens in this community an option to shop in Big Lake," said Economic Development Director Gloria Baggett.

She says the data showed that the retail trade area meets the standards of 17 retail chains. Shopko is also expected to come to Big Lake once there is land for development, which is a problem.

"We are landlocked on three sides but University of Texas lands, consequently the only way we can grow is east toward San Angelo," said Baggett.

What does all this mean for Big Lake? We're told that with these potential businesses paying property taxes and more, money will be available for projects like infrastructure and roadway repairs. But some citizens say in order for new business to make its way to Big Lake, a couple of bases need to be covered.

"If businesses do come, plan on bringing some workforce with you because the applicants are not here," said Terry Stevens, owner of Big Lake's Los Cazadores Restaurants.

Some welcome retail chains in hopes of more competitive pricing.

"We need some competition here to lower prices to make it more affordable not only for the workers, but for the residents of Big Lake also," said Big Lake resident Jon Groves.

This is all tentative. Baggett says the retail coach must convince the potential businesses that Big Lake is the place they want to be before any other steps can be taken.