Nearly $318,000 in Damage Left Behind From May Flooding in Gaines County

Nearly $318,000 in Damage Left Behind From May Flooding in Gaines County

GAINES COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Back in early May, heavy rainfall left the small town of Seagraves severely flooded. Now, officials finally have a dollar amount for the damage that was done. The damage left behind is estimated at nearly $318,000. The community of just under 2,500 people is now working to rebuild with the help of FEMA.

"Well basically it was under water, flooded," said Robert Barrett. That's the Gaines County Emergency Management Coordinators description of Seagraves back in early May.

"You know Seagraves has flooded on many occasions, it's just never done it to this extent," said Barrett.

Officials are calling it the 100 year flood. The nearly $318,000 in damages is for all of Gaines County but 99% of the flood damage was in Seagraves.

"Private assistance people have met with the affected individuals and they are going through the process of getting all that documented and then there will be a process where FEMA will come back to them and there will be some reimbursement to those people, probably," said Barrett.

The much needed help from FEMA will only go so far.

"The deal is to get it back to livable conditions. Not to remodel it and not to maybe put it to the level it was before," said Barrett.

Homes weren't the only things left damaged by the flood waters. Roadways in the county also took a big hit.

"They've re-seal coated some roads that were cracked and becoming bubbled and start deteriorating," said Barrett.

So now what's the county's plan for damaging floods in the future?

"They are probably going to try and start a mitigation program, maybe if it's possible, but that will take several years to be developed. There's nothing to do. I mean Seagraves was built in a hole. It's the lowest elevation in all the surrounding area there," said Barrett.

There is help available for Texans with flood insurance claims and questions. Just visit or call 800-621-3362.