Midland Police Department Launches "Lock It or Lose It" Campaign

Midland Police Department Launches "Lock It or Lose It" Campaign

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's the largest campaign to crack down on crime in Midland Police History. It's called "Lock It or Lose It".

That slogan will soon be spotted all over Midland.

It's a campaign months in the making with an aggressive strategy. "Lock It or Lose It" is upping the patrols in Midland, targeting auto thefts.

MPD says the areas by Midland Park Mall, the Scharbauer Sports Complex and the area by Rankin Highway and I-20 are popular for these crimes.

"A lot of people have garage door openers on the visor and we've had thieves in the past take the garage door opener, they'll open the garage at 2 or 3 in the morning. They don't care if the people are asleep. They'll take a bicycle, a couple of sets of golf clubs, whatever they can get," said Price Robinson, Chief of Police with the Midland Police Department.

In 2012, there were 863 auto burglaries. In 2013, there were 682. Last year, the number jumped to 951. 2015 is on the same track.

65% of the time the cars were left unlocked.

So why are cars left unlocked so frequently? Police say residents might be in a hurry or they feel safer in their neighborhoods and think a break-in could never happen on their street. Others think if they leave their car unlocked, the criminal won't break their window.

"It can be expensive because the more claims you turn in, the more premiums we all have to pay," said Abraham Gutierrez, Agent for State Farm Insurance.

Unless you have a renters or homeowners policy, your iPads, purses and wallets might not be covered.

"Most of the insurance companies will not cover under your auto policy. Things that are loose in your vehicle," said Gutierrez.

Police contacted over 500 businesses, apartments, hotels and churches all over town about the campaign, hoping to spread the message like wildfire.

"They see it on the signs, they see it in a hotel, maybe the stickers will be put on a company car and they'll just hear the message so often that locking their car becomes second nature," said Robinson.

If you're a business interested in advertising the new campaign, call the Midland Police Department at 432-685-7108.