Andrews Celebrates July 4th Without Fireworks

Andrews Celebrates July 4th Without Fireworks

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - The Andrews Chamber of Commerce celebrated the Fourth of July, but this year, they left out a big Independence Day tradition, fireworks. NewsWest 9 spoke with some residents of Andrews who were bummed about not having fireworks this year.

Andrews Resident, Elsa Garcia, said "I'm a little upset, that would have been nice to see them."

Aaliyah Lopez, also a resident of Andrews, said, "It's like the first time we didn't have a burn ban and then they don't do them, so you're like, what?

"Last year it was awesome, we had nice nice fireworks last year and I just don't like it. I wish there were some fireworks," said Andrews resdient, Jaime Galindo.

Cain Lopez of Andrews, said, "The Chamber of Commerce said that it wasn't their responsibility, it was the county's responsibility to pay for fireworks and I just thought that was not okay, because I mean Andrews is still Andrews whether it's county or town so I thought they should probably help out."

The Andrews Chamber of Commerce says that fireworks are something the county is in charge of. This year, the city faced the issue of not having an approved location for the fireworks to be launced. By law, the Fire Chief has to sign legal documents approving the site in advance.

Julia Wallace, Executive Director for the Andrews Chamber of Commerce, said, "We didn't choose not to do fireworks this year. Last year, there was a mix up because of all of the legalities and picking a place and getting it signed off on and everything. We let our county know that, that it really probably needed to be in their hands and we'd still be willing to pay our part of the cost, but it just never went forward."

But the lack of fireworks didn't stop the city of Andrews from having fun. The 46th annual Fourth of July celebration was filled with fun activities including zip lining, bungee jumping, rock climbing and turtle racing. In cooperation with the county, the City of Andrews hopes to bring back the Fourth of July tradition next year, fireworks and all.

Mayor Flora Braly of Andrews, said, "We hope that next year we will have fireworks, there was a little hiccup this year, but you know we want to give our community the best that we can so we're going to work hard to make that happen next year."