Closing Businesses in Fort Davis Impact Tourism

Closing Businesses in Fort Davis Impact Tourism

The next time you plan to make a trip to Fort Davis, you may want to keep in mind, service may be slow. Within a matter of two months, the town lost three restaurants and tourists are feeling the change in the wait time when they sit down for a meal. In the small west Texas town of Fort Davis, you'll find the hustle and bustle of tourists and businesses owners striving to make them happy, but recently, this hasn't been so easy.

"It's kind of just been an issue of available restaurants because we are a tourist community, we have a lot of people coming out here so the real issue has been where can these people go to eat? We already have good restaurants here, but it's taking a lot of time for them to get served," said Robert Alvarez, Executive Director of the Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce.

He describes the economic slowdown as a perfect storm. It started with just one business closing down and so the ripple effect began.

"They may not have been ready and prepared for business so they tried, couldn't do it, and then folded," Alvarez explained. "And it was really just a matter of one after another. I don't know if any way related in any way shape or form."

Alvarez says this downturn has nothing to do with property taxes as once speculated. The shut down of local businesses is simply the nature of the beast.

"The real issue is out here in far west Texas it's a 24/7 thing if you own a business," said Alvarez. "You don't have to always be there of course, but it's your business, it's your invested interest and a lot of people weren't prepared for that kind of investment of time in a business."

Already embracing the changes, Alvarez says the chamber is working to ensure the restaurant industry is back on its feet.

"We're confident we'll overcome this," explained Alvarez. "It may just be you come down and you wait for your lunch a little bit longer than you'd like to buy in the mean time you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that is out here and the hospitality of the folks in Fort Davis, we love when they visit us."