Sentencing Hearing for Defendants Connected With The Murder of Sean Lamb

Sentencing Hearing for Defendants Connected With The Murder of Sean Lamb

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Two people involved in an Odessa man's murder are headed to prison. On Thursday, a federal judge sentenced both Liz and Brian Hernandez for the death of Sean Lamb. Lamb was kidnapped, shot and killed last May.

It was quiet in the courtroom as Judge Robert Junell sentenced two of the five people involved in the murder of Sean Lamb. Liz Hernandez will face 20 years in prison and Brian Hernandez will face 3 1/2 years. The family members of Sean Lamb were present, each getting an apology from both defendants.

Defendants Brian and Liz Hernandez walked in the courtroom Thursday morning, Brian smiling at the many members of his family. The Honorable Judge Robert Junell first called Brian to the stand. Brian chose to make a statement, saying he is ready to get on with his life and provide for his family. After taking the statements into consideration, Judge Junell sentenced Brian to 3 1/2 years at a men's facility in Big Spring.

Liz Hernandez was next to speak. She stated she was not the monster the evidence made her out to be and that her kids needed her. The court ruled Liz would serve 20 years and immediately after she could be deported back to Mexico.

During the hearing, both Brian and Liz addressed the Lamb family, apologizing for the loss of their son, brother and uncle. Liz spoke directly to Lamb's mother, saying she was sincerely sorry for playing a part in the loss of her son.

In addition to their years in prison, both Brian and Liz have been ordered to enter a 500-hour drug treatment program and they each must pay restitution to the Lamb family in the amount of about $5,800.

This all stemmed from accusations that Sean Lamb had stolen a large amount of drugs from Liz Hernandez's home in May 2014. Consequently, Lamb was beaten and forced into an SUV, then shot in the head and back. His body was found inside the SUV in an alley in Odessa.

Rudy Paredes, Stacey Castillo and Anthony Gonzales were also involved in the murder and were found guilty back in April. They all face the possibility of a life sentence but court officials say they filed a motion for acquittal back in April. There is no word on when that court date is set.

Two others involved, Noe Galan and Ruben Hernandez are believed to have fled to Mexico. They remain fugitives. The court has issued warrants for them both.

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