Odessa Man Stabbed After Chasing Down a Carjacker

Odessa Man Stabbed After Chasing Down a Carjacker

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa man is lucky to be alive. Jose Pinon-Arroyo was pumping gas overnight when he was carjacked. The man followed the suspect, then was stabbed several times.  
Pinon-Arroyo and a friend searched for hours until they found the car with the suspect still inside. They chased the thief and collided with the vehicle, that's when they made it to 7th and Washington Ave. in Odessa where Pinon-Arroyo was stabbed.

Jose Pinon-Arroyo, said, "I arrived at a Stripes to put in some gas, and that's when they stole my car. We called the cops but they never arrived. So we went out to look for him, we found him, and he and I had a discussion and that's when he stabbed me, and that's when I came to the hospital."

Steve LeSueur, PIO for the Odessa Police Department, said, "Odessa Police responded to MCH and made contact with medical personnel. The investigation revealed that a 22-year-old had sustained several stab wounds and cuts all over his body."

Odessa Police say that Jose Pinon-Arroyo called a friend to help him track down the car thief. "At some point they located it. It's unknown if they located it in the county or in the city limits but regardless they chased it and they ended up, both vehicles ended up colliding somewhere in the area of 7th and Washington," said LeSueur.

Since the vehicle theft happened out in the county, that is being investigated by Ector County Sheriff's and the stabbing is being investigated by Odessa Police. "At this time no arrests have been made, the suspect is described as a Hispanic male approximately twenty-five years of age five feet five inches tall and anyone with information is encouraged to call Odessa Police or Odessa Crime Stoppers," said LeSueur.

Police say that attempted citizens arrests have been happening a lot more lately. Although it's legal, they want to warn the public that citizens arrests can end badly. "If you are a victim of a violent crime you have the right to defend yourself, however it's just important know that there's always that risk associated with it. Of course with this, as a result of attempting to retrieve his property, the victim was stabbed multiple times by the actor," said LeSueur.

Police say Pinon- Arroyo is at Medical Center Hospital in fair condition. If you have any information on this case, you are encouraged to call Odessa Police or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.