Truck Snags Midkiff Power Line, Leaving Thousands Without Power

Truck Snags Midkiff Power Line, Leaving Thousands Without Power

Thousands lost power Monday evening, Oncor representatives said, after a tractor trailer snagged a fiber optic line at Delano Ave and S Midkiff Rd, dragging multiple power poles down.

The incident happened around 5 p.m. and shut down southbound traffic on Midkiff Rd between Thomas Ave and Roosevelt Ave for "several hours," according to Midland Police.

Kaytlen Neatherlin, 14, said she feared for the safety of her siblings when the overhead power lines came down "in a flash of lightning."

"I thought it would explode, like 'Bam!'" she told NewsWest 9.

Heat-related distress, caused by hours without air-conditioning, soon became her family's primary concern.

"My aunt is pregnant and she was throwing up [because of the heat]," said Neatherlin. "It's hotter than a desert inside [our home]."

Her aunt later left the house to seek cooler shelter at the mall, while other Delano Ave residents resorted to sitting in their air-conditioned cars.

"My baby is barely two months old, so it's just too hot [in our house]," said Ashton Rotan.

She and her children piled into her car and cooled off while parked in their driveway. Rotan said the frequent power outages in their neighborhood were "frustrating" and blamed them primarily on S Midkiff Rd accidents.

"They come speeding down and crash into power poles all the time," she told NewsWest 9. "That one that fell down [today]? They've put that one up three [or] four times. It happens all the time."

Oncor representatives said maintenance crews would finish assessing damage on Tuesday night and would likely be able to restore power for most Midland customers by 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

"We don't give a guaranteed time," said Sue Mercer, an Oncor regional manager. "However, we're working to get [the downed power lines] back up just as quickly as we can."