Permian Basin Churches Weigh In on Same-Sex Marriage

Permian Basin Churches Weigh In on Same-Sex Marriage

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage has created a controversial debate, not only for the people, but for churches nationwide. The ruling allows churches to either approve or deny marrying same-sex couples, now it is up to the churches to decide whether or not to perform these ceremonies. The St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Midland says they are open to the idea to marry couples of the same sex. 

Priest David Huxley, of the St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Midland, said, "Our church here has been very receptive to folks from all different backgrounds and so we're particularly interested what's going to happen out of convention with the bishops and House of Deputies approval."

The Episcopal Church is currently awaiting a decision from the Northwest Texas Clergy on whether or not the Episcopal Church will allow same sex marriage. If the bishop of the church approves, Priest Huxley says he's all for it. 

"I would, if the bishop approved it and I had a couple that came to me wanting to be married in a sacramental fashion, which is how our church operates, I would certainly consider it," said Huxley. 

Both the St. Nicholas Episcopal Church and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church believe that marriage is sacramental or powerfully binding, but surprisingly both churches have opposing views when it comes to same-sex marriage. 

Father Mark Woodruff, of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, said, "Our definition is one man, one woman and it's dictated really by the sacramental nature of marriage so the Supreme Court can't change that definition of what marriage is to us, maybe it can legally in our country, but it can't in our church."

Although the Catholic Church may not be an option for same-sex couples when choosing to get married, a church in Midland called the Unitarian Universalist Church has decided to marry same-sex couples. They will be marrying those couples for free now through August 22.