Pecos Cantaloupes Will Not Be Available For July Fourth Festivities

Pecos Cantaloupes Will Not Be Available For July Fourth Festivities

COYANOSA, TX (KWES) - Don't expect to have any Pecos Cantaloupes for your July 4th celebrations this year. The Mandujano Brother's took a devastating hit after a hailstorm back in May.

"You won't see any Pecos Cantaloupes July 4th," said Mandujano Brothers Tony Mandujano. "If you do see them, they're not Pecos Cantaloupes."

Hail and rain can be blamed for the troubles farmers have faced this year. The Mandujano Brothers are among those that took a hard hit that wiped out 50% of their cantaloupe crop.

"Around May 18th we had a pretty good hail storm that came through here and pretty much wiped out all the early cantaloupe," Mandujano explained.

Famous for their Pecos Cantaloupes, the Mandujano Brothers supply local vendors including Wal-Mart and Lowes.

"We supply a lot to Houston at the warehouses over there and they're calling and they want to book, and I tell them, 'well, we really can't book right now. There is nothing there.' I mean, it's heartbreaking but at the same time you're thankful for what you have," said Mandujano.

This is just one of the fields that was destroyed by softball size hail and as devastating as it was, the Mandujano Brothers press forth with the next crop.

"Keep working and just hope that you have a good fall and a good mid-summer," he said.

Despite the ups and downs of farming, Mandujano Brothers says the land lends itself to be prime ground for growing Pecos Cantaloupes.

"If you've ever tasted a cantaloupe, and I know people say there is not a difference, but if you've ever tasted a Pecos Cantaloupe you'll never eat another cantaloupe from anywhere else," Mandujano said.

The Mandujano Brothers say they expect to begin harvesting the next crop of cantaloupes by July 20th.