Caught on Cam: Couple Steal Michael Kors From Dillards

Caught on Cam: Couple Steal Michael Kors From Dillards

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Young, criminal love. That's what explains the two thefts in this week's Caught on Camera. Odessa Crimestoppers need your help catching the couple that took off with merchandise that didn't belong to them. It happened at Music City Mall in Odessa back in March.

'Dear Diary: Today my boyfriend and I went to Dillard's and stole five Michael Kors wallets. Now I know he loves me. But not before perusing the many different items on the shelves because it's important to keep an open mind when we're stealing.'

"It's pretty comical video," says Odessa Crimestoppers Susan Rogers. "You'll see her looking around as she's picking stuff up. I mean it's really clear, good video. Someone will recognize these guys."

As if her boyfriend isn't already a cheapskate, he makes her do all the dirty work. All while he has his other boo thing on the phone.

"They're walking around looking at handbags, talking and the female actually picks up five Michael Kors wallets and places them into a Dillard's bag," Rogers said.

The girl is obviously nervous and why shouldn't she be? She must have known this would have been broadcast for the entire Permian Basin. After playing off the theft, the couple make their way for the doors.

"As they're going out the front door, the manager approaches them and tells them to come back in," Rogers explains. "The guy turns around, tells her 'no' and takes off running. Mall security tries to get over there but they jump into a tan or gold colored GMC Yukon and take off."

If you have any information on this case, you're asked to contact Odessa Crimestoppers at (432) 333-TIPS.