Reeves County Jail Opens Back Up

Reeves County Jail Opens Back Up

Manny Salas

REEVES COUNTY - Reeves County inmates are back in their original cells. The jail opened up its doors today nearly two years after it went up in flames. The Reeves County jail where more than eighty inmates will be able to be placed. Some have already made their way in today.

"We brought in thirty inmates this morning." said Reeves County Sheriff, Art Granado.

The inmates began making their way in after almost two years of the jail being closed back in July 2013 when flames erupted inside the facility."It caught fire and ruined just about everything electrical, one of the fuse boxes just went up in flames," said Granado.

Inmates were displaced in many different counties. "We had them in all surrounding areas we had Ward County, Winkler County, even Midland County," Said Granado.

Displacing inmates in different counties was not free. "It takes money, we gotta pay other counties for them to take care of our inmates," said Granado.

The repairs affected by the fire was also another expense the jail had to cover "It's well into the millions.." said Granado.

The amount of time the jail couldn't house inmates was because of the amount of damage that was done to the jail.

"This is about a forty year old building and they really haven't done much to it or they didn't do much to it. It's been deteriorating since and they had to upgrade a lot of wiring, plumbing, and say the AC units, everything they had to upgrade them," said Granado.

After being closed down for some time Sheriff Granado is thankful for the surrounding counties' support. "I want to thank all the other counties for their assistance it's much needed assistance and I would do the same for them," he said.