Odessa Veteran Denied Care After Being Enrolled in New VA Program

Odessa Veteran Denied Care After Being Enrolled in New VA Program

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa veteran claims she's being denied care after being enrolled in the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) . The VCP was created to allow veterans to get care from non-VA doctors but this veteran says that's not the case.

Theresa Asante is a veteran that relies on the VA for all of her health care needs. After being enrolled in the VCP, she says there are no doctors in the area that she can see for her care needs.

"You don't have any doctors that are in the program, the Veterans Choice Program doesn't have any doctors, what am I supposed to do?," said Asante.

Asante has been going to the VA Hospital in Big Spring for years, it wasn't until this past January that she was automatically enrolled into the Veteran's Choice Program.

Asante said that all of the appointments she had scheduled with local doctors were canceled because those doctors weren't a part of that program. She claims that there are no doctors in the area who can provide her care.

"Either I move out of the area where I'm moving away from my children and my grandchildren to get the care I need, or I just don't get the care," said Asante.

NewsWest 9 contacted the Tri-West Network, which the VCP is a part of, they sent a statement saying that there are over 1,500 counts of total providers in West Texas. But Asante said the doctors that she needs are not listed in the program and she was told she would have to recruit her own doctors.

"I have no care, so now I have to find the doctors if I want them and I have to try to get them into this program, I don't have the answers for that."

Asante says if she want's to get medical care, she has to travel to Dallas to see a doctor. She feels that she is not alone in this battle and wants to reach out to other veterans going through the same thing.

"There's a lot of veterans who are just tired of fighting. So I need to fight for them, I need to make it matter."

If you are a veteran and have questions or concerns regarding Veterans Choice Program, you can go online to http://www.va.gov/opa/choiceact/