Ector County Attorney Seeking Residents' Input on Public Issues

Ector County Attorney Seeking Residents' Input on Public Issues

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Ector County Attorney Dusty Gallivan is asking for help. He's looking for volunteers to give their opinions on county issues.

Although Gallivan doesn't vote on these public issues, he's connected with those that do. That's the reason why he wants to learn what residents think so he can pass it to those who make the decisions.

"I serve them so I want to know what it is that's important to them so we can try to pursue those issues on their behalf," said Gallivan.

Before commissioners and the county judge take action on a public issue, Gallivan is also working to get a vibe of what residents think first.

"Regardless of what you're gonna do, here's what people in the community are saying about this or that," said Gallivan.

For example, collecting opinions on the recently passed sexually oriented business regulation, requiring semi-nude establishments to get two different types of licenses.

"We did get some community feedback through Facebook and some other outlets on that, but it would have been nice to have this group of people that have essentially volunteered to provide their feedback where we could have asked them, 'hey, what do you think about this?' to get how they would react," said Gallivan.

To voice your opinion, Gallivan placed a signup sheet on his website and his Facebook page where you can join in the conversation. You can also email him personally.

"We may ask them one or two-question surveys to get their opinion on things," said Gallivan.

Here are two active issues where the public can chime in: Should the county accept money from the feds to build another jail to house federal inmates and Should the county join the city in charging residents to register their animals?

"This is one way for me to figure out what are their values, what's important to them, what direction should I take in certain things?" said Gallivan.

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