Transpecos Guitars Owner Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Transpecos Guitars Owner Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - Mark Pollock has met many blues musicians from Freddie King to James Cotton and Matt Murphy. He moved to Alpine in 2002 after a good run in Dallas where he owned a guitar shop but he made his footprint as the guitar repair man in this little West Texas town.

In the heart of Alpine, you'll find a musical gem, Transpecos Guitars. In this little shop, you'll find the owner and operator, Mark Pollock, doing what he loves and not even his recent diagnosis of lung cancer could slow him down.

"Maybe I'll consider retiring one of these days," he says. "Not anytime soon though."

This is not Pollock's first rodeo. He was given two years to live in the mid-70's after the first trace of cancer was found. But in his roaring 20's, he was busy running around with the James Cotton Blues Band.

"I was told I was going to die and I had a gig," explained Pollock. "I had a gig that night, I couldn't die."

40 years later, Pollock began to experience Bronchitis like symptoms. At the request of his wife, they looked deeper in to his sickness and found cancer cells after many tests.

"That's when they realized this was a lot more serious than they thought," he said.

He was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

"I asked the doctor in El Paso, I said 'Stage four? Do you have a stage five?' He said, no," said Pollock.

The doctors told Pollock to think in months, not years this time around. He chose to take a holistic approach to treatment instead of radiation or chemotherapy. He attributes much of his life to his wife, Mary.

"I care greatly about my wife," he said. "When I can't do something or I'm too weak to do that or I don't feel like doing this, I consider her in my decision."

Pollock says there is one thing that has allowed him to persevere through this journey.

"I am going to have tenacity," he said. "And I will not be defeated."