Big Spring City Truck Involved in I-20 Wreck in Midland

Big Spring City Truck Involved in I-20 Wreck in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A three-vehicle wreck slowed Interstate 20 traffic to a crawl Saturday afternoon near Midkiff Road.

No major injuries were reported. All three vehicles - a Big Spring truck, a water pump trailer attached to the truck and an SUV traveling in the opposite direction - were totaled, Midland Police said.

Big Spring city officials did not return calls from NewsWest 9.

City Manager Todd Darden confirmed to radio partner KBYG that Joseph Valley, a Big Spring city employee, was behind the wheel of the truck and on-duty at the time of the accident. He was transporting a water pump eastbound on I-20 around 1 p.m. when he lost control of both the trailer and truck. According to Midland Police at the scene, a "tire came loose" on the trailer.

"It caused him to start fishtailing, which broke the trailer free from the truck," said Officer Brian Weerstra.

The trailer and truck both overturned, he told NewsWest 9, and the trailer was flung into oncoming traffic in the westbound lane.

"[An SUV driver] in the westbound lane saw the trailer coming, took evasive action, bounced off the truck and then rolled into the median," said Weerstra.

The truck driver was transported to the hospital with a possible broken arm. The family in the SUV suffered only minor injuries, officials said. They were visiting from out of town and had planned to visit the Midland Confederate Air Force Museum, according to Midland Police. A Crisis Intervention crew was dispatched to help them salvage their weekend plans.

"So they're going to take them to the air museum still, get them some lunch and go from there," said Weerstra.

He urged drivers to be mindful of seat belt and car seat usage, especially during the busier driving months of vacation season, adding that "it saved this family here."