Armed Robberies on the Rise in Andrews

Armed Robberies on the Rise in Andrews

ANDREWS COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The small community of Andrews is dealing with a dangerous problem. They're seeing a lot more armed robberies all over town. Two days ago at the Allsup's, armed robbers gave employees quite a scare. It's just one of several armed robberies that have happened in just the past month. The police department says it's a problem they haven't had to face in over 30 years.

"It gives us a cause to be concerned but we'll work through it. We'll work through it," said Andrews Chief of Police Bud Jones.

Four armed robberies in less than one month, Jones said that's more than they normally see all year long.

"We'll do everything in our power to see that they go to prison," said Jones.

"You don't know the people in this town anymore. You can't trust everybody like you use to. It's not our hometown anymore," said an Andrews resident.

Longtime locals are now concerned for their safety.

"It makes you want to watch, watch your back closely," said an Andrews resident.

One resident who works the overnight shift at a gas station says she now carries a taser.

"I take my own self precautions now with me working nights and we shouldn't have to," said an Andrews resident.

Many locals tell NewsWest 9, they blame only one thing for this recent rise is crime.

"The oilfield. It's been busy. It's been booming and now things are slowing down. People are hurting for money and they're doing it the wrong way," said an Andrews resident.

Jones said they can't put a stop to this without the public's help.

"Well we've got an adequate staff, it's just that covering a rather large area, we just can't be everywhere. That's why we're needing the public's help," said Jones.

If you have any information on any of the recent armed robberies, call Andrews Crimestoppers at 524-HELP.